About Us

Lets Earn Rewards Together

PolkaSyndicate is a community led by a team of cryptocurrency analyst, researchers, and marketers with the goal of providing quality Polkadot parachain research, and helping the syndicate earn as many token rewards as possible.

The PolkaSyndicate team has been following the development of blockchain and smart contract technologies since 2017. We believe that Polkadot, and the Web3 foundation will be the key catalyst to solve some of blockchain's greatest challenges creating a global interconnected network of blockchains.


Team Overview

Once Polkadot has onboarded a large number of parachains into it's platform we believe the world will see the true potential of blockchain technology come to life as all blockchains are interconnected and are able to communicate with one another.

This will lead to mass adoption of blockchain technology giving the savvy investors, who know about Polkadot and all the parachain projects behind it, the ability to profit immensely from the birth of the blockchain.

As Polkadot grows and onboards new parachain companies, PolkaSyndicate has created a unique community and rewards system designed to help both experienced investors as well as less experienced investors profit to the greatest potential from parachain crowdloans.

We do this through high quality research reports on parachain companies, parachain auction news and updates, parachain voting, as well as our streamlined process that makes it simple to earn parachain crowdloan rewards. Simply stake 2,000 PSYN tokens and you can earn parachain rewards automatically from the PolkaSyndicate rewards pool.


For more information check out our video on What is PolkaSyndicate?




Brandon Black

Syndicate Operations Director


Duke Black

Syndicate Strategy Advisor


Cat Eyes (Carolina)

Syndicate Community Leader


Klavs Sergistrav

Syndicate Marketing Director


Dante Carter

Director of Research


Adoma Vrishi

Director of Blockchain Technology